About S & F

S & F Engineers, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Mr. Sritharan & Dr. Faramawi with the goal of providing high quality structural engineering design services to its clients. The firm survived its first recession that resulted from the dot com collapse in 2001, but not without losing one of the founders. Mr. Sritharan persevered and found the firm's niche in small projects. With the support of a few clients who highly valued the firm's responsiveness and its innovative design solutions, S &F steadily grew to become one of the larger structural engineering firms serving the South Florida construction industry.


The lessons learned from the first recession helped the firm minimize the ill effects from The Great Recession of 2008-2011. By investing in technology and training, as well as adding highly talented staff of engineers and technicians during the recession, S & F has emerged as a stronger business capable of handling large projects and meeting stringent schedules. The engineers at S & F are not only alumni of elite universities with advanced degrees; they are also alumni of some of the most prominent structural engineering firms.


Today, S & F Engineers, Inc. is a place where highly qualified engineers and technicians collaborate with clients to create building designs and help transform the developers' and architects' visions into reality. They achieve this by using their knowledge, training and some of the most advanced computer hardware & software. They also bring an open mind and use their ingenuity to find the appropriate solution to each challenge.


Engineers at S & F are currently licensed in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey. They have the ability to add other state licensures as required to meet the client's needs. S & F also have LEED AP certified engineers. Several engineers and technicians are also trained in the use of Revit Structure for projects utilizing BIM technology, including an engineer with CM-BIM certification.